Compatibles Offer


Neptun Compatibles are available between Neptun Waves from stock and while stocks last. Devices are available to institutional clients and students who do not have the possibility to wait for the next Neptun Wave.

Due to smaller quantities and storage and distribution costs between Neptun Waves, the devices are slightly more expensive.

The devices offered under this designation are driver compatible with regular Neptun laptops, which makes fleet management easier. The configurations of these laptops are the same as the regular offer, in some cases differences in RAM, SSD size, CPU speed or battery capacity are possible.

If compatible configurations of certain models are discontinued by the manufacturer, the Neptun Compatibles offer for the corresponding model will also expire, as driver compatibility would no longer be guaranteed.

Built-to-order configurations are also possible for orders of 25 or more devices, the delivery time is at least 6 weeks. If you are interested, please contact us by email.

Information about your order

You can track the order status of your laptop in our distribution partner's customer account. For HP, Lenovo and peripherals you can access your customer account here. Apple orders can be tracked here. More information about delivery time can be found in the latest blog article

21. 2. 2022

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Our support staff at the Help Points ETHZ, Bern vonRoll, UNIBAS and UNILU are there for you. If you need technical support, contact us via email to make an appointment.

30. 9. 2020
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