Spring Wave Recap and Outlook BYOD Sec II & Fall Wave
17. 3. 2022

Gabrijela Josavac


The 2022 Spring Wave is officially closed. A few, selected offers are available for order until Monday, March 21, so you have a few more days to equip yourself with a Samsung tablet, printer or the swype Mobile offer. 

Our distribution partners are still busy shipping the orders. At the moment, about 70% of all HP and Lenovo laptops have already been shipped. Further deliveries will arrive in the next three to four weeks, so that we will have delivered about 90% of all orders by mid-April. Unfortunately, there are a few "outliers" on certain models that will not arrive until mid-year. The delivery dates can be viewed in your customer account and are updated daily.

Apple orders are also delivered to about 70%. Configurations that were not available from stock will be delivered as soon as possible, but this can also take up to 2 to 3 months at Apple at the moment.

Of course we will stay reachable via email. No matter if you need a support appointment at a Help Point or if you have a question about our offer: Write us at kontakt@projektneptun.ch. Simon, our support coordinator, will get back to you the next business day at the latest.

This year there is no long break for our team. Immediately after the closing of the spring window, we continue with the offer for the BYOD Sek II Wave in June: We contact the cantonal, middle and vocational schools, create the required content and send codes for access to the online stores.

In parallel, we have started planning the Fall Wave. At both HP and Lenovo, the new generations of laptops unveiled at the CES event in January can be configured and pre-ordered shortly. We will have to adjust our offer a bit due to availability or one or the other release delay on the part of the manufacturer. We will keep you up to date here on the blog or via social media.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on our offerings: If you missed something in the spring lineup or have a suggestion for what we could add to the fall lineup to make your student life easier, let us know! Stay tuned via newsletter, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so you don't miss the next Wave. For pupils this is already June 10, for first semester students at a PH or FH with laptop obligation August 15 and for all other students and education staff September 5. 

Information about your order

You can track the order status of your laptop in our distribution partner's customer account. For HP, Lenovo and peripherals you can access your customer account here. Apple orders can be tracked here. More information about delivery time can be found in the latest blog article

21. 2. 2022

Help Point : Please book an appointment

Our support staff at the Help Points ETHZ, Bern vonRoll, UNIBAS and UNILU are there for you. If you need technical support, contact us via email to make an appointment.

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