Apple Event: What happens with our Apple offer?
5. 3. 2022

Gabrijela Josavac

Neptun Apple

The next Apple Event will take place on Tuesday, March 8 at 7 pm. The rumor mill is bubbling, and unfortunately we don't know any more than you do. We're interested, as I'm sure you are, first and foremost in whether we'll be able to offer "it", whatever may come.

The answer is relatively short and simple, with a small "but":

Yes, we will be able to offer the product that will be unveiled on Tuesday, but only if it can be ordered from Apple Switzerland right away.

For example, if Apple introduces a new iPad Air or a new MacBook Air model and it is (pre)orderable immediately, it will also be included in the Neptun offer. Our sales partner needs one to two working days to display the new product in the online shop. In the meantime, we will inform you on our website whether the previous iPad Air or MacBook Air is still available for order or when exactly a possible new model will be available for order.

The discount will remain the same: For MacBook models you get 15% discount on the price, for iPad models 8%.

If Apple introduces products that can only be ordered on after March 14, you can look forward to them in the Fall Wave (September 5 - October 3). Students who can order in the BYOD Sek II Wave in June will be able to enjoy the new products a little earlier. 

Any questions? Send us an email!

Information about your order

You can track the order status of your laptop in our distribution partner's customer account. For HP, Lenovo and peripherals you can access your customer account here. Apple orders can be tracked here. More information about delivery time can be found in the latest blog article

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